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11th grade maths

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A.give an example of a function whose domain is {3,4,7,9}?
and whose range is {-1,0,3}
B.Find two different functions whose domain is {3,8}and whose range is {-4,1}
C Explain why there does not exist a function whose domain is {-1,0,3} and whose range is [3,4,7,9}
D.Give an example of two different functions f and g ,both of which have the set of real numbers as their domain ,such that f(x)=g(x)for every rational number x
E.Give an exampleof a function whose domain equals the set of real numbers and whose range equals the set of integers
please give me th e detailed explanation
show me the work

  • 11th grade maths -

    A: y = 4 - |x-8|

    y = x-7
    y = 7 - |x-14|

    C: one of the domain values must map to 2 range values. Not a function.

    D: tricky, if you want f=g only for rational numbers. If f and g are continuous, then f=g for all reals.

    E: y = ⌊x⌋ where ⌊x⌋ is the greatest integer less than or equal to x. Equivalent to x-mod(x,1)

  • 11th grade maths -

    How do you fiind the averege rate change

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