Organic chemisty(Please check)

posted by Hannah

When drawing a kekule structure for
CH3CH2OH(alcohol) do I leave the OH at the end just like it is (OH) or would it be shown as O-H?

I know that to start of it would be

-C- with an H on the top and the bottom as well as the left side and then connected to the C would be another C with H above and below. Im just not sure how to show the OH part. Thank you.

  1. DrBob222


  2. Hannah

    Ok thank you so for something like an amine with an NH2 would I show it the same way N with an H above and below??

  3. DrBob222


    It's hard to make spaces on this board. I try periods to make the spacing come out right Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.

  4. Hannah

    Do you have to show the R?
    I need to show the kekule structure for
    CH3CONH2. I know how to start it off Im just not sure about the NH2. The N would be connected to a carbon on the left side correct?

  5. DrBob222

    N must have three bonds so I used R for the third bond. It stands for anything you wish; i.e., it could be a CH3 group, and ethyl group (CH3CH2-)or whatever you wish.

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