any study tips

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i'm doing bad in school,mostly in math and i need some tips on studying so anyone got any

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    The most important advice I can offer is to pay very VERY close attention all of the time in class. If you don't understand something, raise your hand and ask a question.

    Be sure to do all of your homework carefully. If you need help, you can post your questions here -- but make sure that you've really tried to solve the problem before you post your question.

    If you find you're still not understanding math, ask your teacher for help. S/he may recommend a private tutor.

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    organize you notes unit by unit so you can easily study

    when studying for finals (if you're in middle school or high school) study all of your testes, quizzes and review sheets

    go on firstinmath to practice

    do extra credit (in order to raise your grade up)

    make flash cards

    source - im in the national junior honor society, make awesome grades. There was this guy I don't like in my school, he's repeating the 7th grade (suppose to be in 8th) so work work so you won't end up like him.

    hope this helps

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    i meant so work HARD so you wont end up like him


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    Good ideas, Laruen!

  • any study tips -

    Thanks! :)

  • any study tips -

    thanks! :)

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    You're welcome.

  • any study tips -

    your welcome! :)

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