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i'm kind of stuck.. are the answers 6, -3, -3, and 0?

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    6 is the correct 1st answer.

    looking at the graph,

    a(t) = 3 - 3/2 (t-2) for t>=2
    v(t) = 6t - 3/4 t^2

    v(2) = 6*2 - 3/4 * 4 = 9
    v(4) = 6*4 - 3/4 * 16 = 12
    so, ∆v = 3
    Note that even though a is decreasing, it is still positive, so v will be increasing

    v(6) = 6*6 - 3/4 * 36 = 9
    so, ∆v = -3

    from t=0 to 6, v went +6 +3 -3 = +6

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