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Write a program that will emulate a cash register. Ask the user to input the price of three items. Get a subtotal. Determine the tax (6% ) of the subtotal. Find the total amount of the sale subtotal plus tax. Display the price of each item, subtotal amount, tax amount and final amount.

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    maybe you can work with this as a model

    @p = ();
    $st = 0;

    for ($i=1 ; $i <= 3 ; $i++) {
    print "Price of item #$i: ";
    $v = <STDIN>; chomp $v;
    $p[$i] = $v;
    $st += $v;
    $tax = $st * 0.06;
    $total = $st + $tax;
    print "\nItem Price\n";
    for ($i=1 ; $i <= 3 ; $i++) {
    printf "%4d %12.2f\n",$i,$p[$i];
    printf "%s\n","-"x17;
    printf "subtotal: %7.2f\ntax: %12.2f\ntotal: %10.2f\n",$st,$tax,$total

    sample run:

    Price of item #1: 1763.2
    Price of item #2: .85
    Price of item #3: 12

    Item Price
    1 1763.20
    2 0.85
    3 12.00
    subtotal: 1776.05
    tax: 106.56
    total: 1882.61

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