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chemistry ( chemistry lab)

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-'Gasoline engine' what are the waste products form this engine ? what element must gasoline be composed of ?
-'fuel cell'what are the waste products from this cell ? what is the fuel used in the fuel cell?
- C02 , h20 and heat energy are waste products from gasoline . H and C must be composed.
- C02 and h20 arewaste products from fuel cell. oxidizing agent and H are the fuel used int he fuel cell.
Right ????right???

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    Right for gasoline. Since gasoline engines run using air input, a waste product of NOx is also produced but I don't know if you are to include that in your answer or not. Gasoline must contain the elements carbon and hydrogen; the PRODUCTS are CO2 and H2O

    Fuel cells may run on one of several fuels; i.e., hydrogen, methanol, natural gas, etc. Hydrogen probably is the most common.I can't tell from your post what your answer is for waste product from fuel cell. It is H2O if you are using H2 and O2.

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