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Find angle A if angle A is supplementary to angle B, angle B is supplementary to angle C, angle B equals 12x plus 8, and angle C equals 8x minus 8

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    so clearly
    A+B = 180
    B+C = 180
    subtract them
    A - C = 0
    A = C

    given: B = 12x+8 , C = 8x - 8

    in B+C=180
    12x+8 + 8x-8 = 180
    20x = 180
    x = 9
    so C = 72-8 = 64
    but A = C
    so A = 64

    A = 64°
    B = 116°
    C = 64°
    is A+ B = 64+116 = 180 ? YES
    is B+C = 116+64 = 180° yes
    is A = C ? yes

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    i am confusion

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