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Your neighbor has fertilized her lawn. Several weeks later, she is alarmed to see that the surface of her ornamental pond, which sits at the bottom of the sloping lawn, is covered with a green layer of algae. (a) Suggest a feasible explanation for the algal bloom in the pond. (2 points) (b) Design an experiment that would enable you to validate your explanation. (7 points) Include and label in your answer: (i) a testable hypothesis. (2 points) (ii) the variable that you will be testing. (1 point) (iii) the data to be collected. (1 point) (iv) a description of the experimental procedure. (2 points) (v) a description of the results that would validate your hypothesis. (1 point) (c) Based on the data from your experiment and your explanation of the problem, think of, and suggest, one action that your neighbor could take to help the pond recover. (1 point)

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    How would you like for us to help you with this?

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    answer the question

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    as if it was your homework

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    not asking much, are you?

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    That's what I thought. You want someone to do your homework. Here's a hint: run off fertilizer causes an algal bloom.
    You can read more about it here.

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