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Pedero es de Peru

¿de dónde eres soy tus amigos?

Tu eres ser de Atlanta

Mi profesora es de español ser Mexicano

ser ustedes de Mexico

¿dónde sois vosotros ser de?

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    I'll send this to SraJMcGin.

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    I'm not sure what you are to do with these? Am I just to correct what I see? You should always give directions as what you are to do, plus a model, if there is one. These are so incorrect that I'm not sure what to do, except try to correct them.

    1. Pedero es de Peru = Pedro es del Perú.

    2. ¿de dónde eres soy tus amigos? = It says "from where are y ou I am your friends!" Perhaps it means to say "Where are your friends from?" = ¿De dónde son tus amigos?

    3. Tu eres ser de Atlanta = says "You are to be from Atlanta." If it is to say "You are from Atlanta" = Tú eres de Atlanta.

    4. Mi profesora es de español ser Mexicano = says Mi teacher is from Spanish to be Mexican. If it is to say "My Spanish teacher is Mexican" = Mi profesora de españ ol es mexicana.

    5. ser ustedes de Mexico = says "to be you-all from Mexico." It it is supposed to say "You are all from Mexico" = Ustedes son de México.

    6. ¿donde sois vosotros ser de? = says Where you are to be from and if it is to say "Where are you from?" = ¿De dónde sois vosotros?


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    We do not use, in México, "sois" only in Spain, then we say:
    ¿De dónde son ustedes?

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