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This is not math related, but I will be gracious for your help.

Solve the following alphabet puzzles.
Examples: 26= L. in the A. Answer: 26=letters in the alphabet
54= C. in a D (with J). Answer: 54= cards in a deck( with the jokers$

140=M N of C in a T
7=Y of B L for B a M
20=Q (A V or M)
2000=P. in a T
76= T that L the B P
10= D in a T N (including the A C)
5= T on a C ( including the S in the T)
1= RA in E B
3= S Y O at the O B G
9= S in TTT
13= O C in the US
7= D with S W
9= J of the S C
6= P on P T
4= S on a V
2 = of a K
29= D in F in a L Y
88= P K
12 = S of the Z
3= B M ( S H T R !)
101= D
13= B D
8= D a W ( in the B S)
16= A at which you can D

  • Algebra -

    16= A at which you can D (last question)
    16=age at which you can drive

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