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I have to do oral presentation tomorrow representing who I am.

i have to bring in 4 things or 4 words to class. The first thing has to be something that represents me, the second thing has to be something that represents my family. the third thing has to be something that represents my peers. the 4th thing has to be something that represents my cultural heritage.

i am punjabi so something that represents me i think would be my braid. I don't know what else would represent me besides my colour and hair. Also if the teacher asks questions as to why Ive kept my hair long in a braid, its really hard to explain why, i guess i just believe that its considered appropriate in my culture or something. Is that too brief?

Something that represents my family ? not sure about this one, we all watch tv together, but i don't know if that's a representation. we also believe in god a lot, but i don't know what to bring for that, or what word I could use.

Something that represents my peers? not sure, I talk with them on the phone alot, so would phone be the word?

Something that represents my cultural heritage? i could mention about my temple, there are also a lot of celebrations, maybe i could mention one of them? i think there are a lot for this one.

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    Your ideas are excellent.

    You might use a photo of your family. Perhaps you could take a picture of everyone watching TV together.

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