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solve the following inequality

x^2(8+x)(x-5)/ (x+5)(x-2)> or equal too 0

this looks like a fraction

please show work

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    critical values:
    x=0 , x=-8, x=5, x=-5 and x=2

    So want to see where the graph of
    y = x^2(8+x)(x-5)/ ((x+5)(x-2)) lies above or on the x-axis

    investigate the following domains
    1. x < -8
    2. x between -8 and -5
    3. x between -5 and 0
    4. x between 0 and 2
    5. x between 2 and 5
    6. x > 5

    You don't actually have to work out the calculations, all you care about is whether the answer is + or -

    I will do 5.
    a number between 2 and 5, I pick x = 4
    (+)(+)(-)/((+)(+)) ≥ 0 ?? , no,
    so x between 2 and 5 is not a solution

    You can do the others the same way

    I also graphed y = x^2(8+x)(x-5)/((x+5)(x-2))

    which confirmed that
    x<-8 OR -5 < x < 2 OR x > 5

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    the answer has to be in interval notation, so how would that look?

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    I am not a big fan of "interval notation"
    Back in the dark ages when I taught we used the above notation, which is much more specific

    Here is a page that shows "interval notation", look about half way down the page.
    It should be quite easy to convert my answer to what you need.

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    thank you I didn't see this post after you posted that!!! you are truly a life saver!!

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