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AP Chemistry i need help!

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A 21.5997 g sample of impure magnesium carbonate was heated to complete decomposition
according to the equation
MgCO3(s) → MgO(s) + CO2(g).
After the reaction was complete, the solid
residue (consisting of MgO and the original
impurities) had a mass of 15.5207 g. Assuming that only the magnesium carbonate had
decomposed, how much magnesium carbonate was present in the original sample?
Answer in units of g

  • AP Chemistry i need help! -

    21.5997-15.207 = ? = mass CO2
    g CO2 x (1 mol MgCO3/1 mol CO2) = g MgCO3.

  • AP Chemistry i need help! -

    I don't know eather!

  • oops--typo -

    That should be 21.5997-15.5207 = mass CO2.

  • To Aka! -

    I assume you mean either.

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