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Paula looked at a map of her city. The map indicated that 1 Inch represents 3 miles. Paula's home and City Hall 2 1/3 inches apart on the map. What is he distance between her home and City Hall.
a) 6 1/2 miles
b) 7 miles
c) 14 miles
d) 5 1/3 miles

  • Math (help)!!!! -

    2 1/3 * 3 = ?

  • Math (help)!!!! -

    i forgot how to multiply fractions w/ mixed numbers

  • Math (help)!!!! -

    2 1/3 = 7/3

    7/3 * 3/1 =

    Multiply the numerators together. Then multiply the denominators together.

  • Math (help)!!!! -

    then divide it then i get 7


    if right, thank you soo much

  • Math (help)!!!! -

    Right. And you're welcome. :-)

  • Math (help)!!!! -

    on a road map with a scale of 1/4 inch per 10 miles, the highway from a to b is 1 3/8 long. How many miles long is the highway?
    A. 44
    B. 55
    C. 65
    D. 70
    E. 90

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