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A truck tractor pulls two trailers, one behind the other, at a constant speed of 100 km/h. It takes 0.640 s for the big rig to completely pass onto a bridge 390 m long. For what duration of time is all or part of the truck-trailer combination on the bridge?

  1. Joli

    please show work

  2. Joli

    100km/h = 27.78m/s

    390m / 27.78m/s = 14.038s

    14.038 + 0.640s = 14.679s

  3. Elena

    The length of the tracktor with two trailers is
    d=v•t= 27.78•0.64 = 17.78 m.
    Δt=L/v=407.78/27.78=14.68 s.

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