9th grade Algebra

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The question that Mr. Kirk helped me with a little while ago. I am trying to do it on my calculator this time. I cannot seem to come out with the answer. I can't seem to get a logical answer. Will you please explain it to me? I just cannot grasp it!!

  • 9th grade Algebra -

    Here's your original problem.

    3x squared - 5x when x= -2 My Answer is 46. I got this by doing 3 times -2 and squaring that and then multiplying 5 times -2 and subtracting that ( negative 10 ) from 36. Is this correct?

    3x squared - 5x

    (3 * -2)^2 - 5(-2)

    -6^2 + 10

    36 + 10 = 46

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