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ok so having trouble with this have tried and trie but can seeem to come up with tthe answer. d/(1-d)^2=(d+1)^2 - 1/d

the answer we were given is d^5-2d^3-2d^2+3d-1=0

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    d/(1-d)^2=(d+1)^2 - 1/d
    the LCD = d(1-d)^2
    so multiply each term by that

    d^2 = d(1-d)^2 (d+1)^2 - (1-d)^2
    d^2 + (1-d)^2 = d[(1-d)(1+d)]^2
    d^2 + (1-d)^2 = d[(1-d^2]^2
    d^2 + 1 - 2d + d^2 = d(1 - 2d^2 + d^4)
    d^2 + 1 - 2d + d^2 = d - 2d^3 + d^5
    d^5 - 2d^3 - 2d^2 + 3d - 1 = 0 as shown in your answer

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