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I need help with this like really badly sooo yeahhhh:)
here it is:
Hugo withdrew some money from his bank account. He spent one third of the money for gasoline. Then he spent half of what was left for a haircut. He bought lunch for $6.55. When he got home,he had $13.45 left. How much money was withdrawn from the bank?

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    BTW!!! I need it explained on like how you figured it out because i have another ? like it and i want to try and do that one on my own!!! THX!

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    started with x dollars
    spend (1/3)x for gas, leaving him (2/3)x
    spend (1/2) of (2/3)x on haircut
    leaving him with (2/3)x - (1/2)(2/3)x or (1/3)x
    after lunch he had (1/3)x - 6.55

    so (1/3)x - 6.55 = 13.45
    (1/3)x = 20
    x = 60

    start with 60
    spend 1/3 of that or 20 on gas
    leaving him with 40
    spend 1/2 of that or 20 on haircut, leaving him with 20
    spend 6.55 on lunch, leaving him with 13.45
    checks out!

    (Time to update those prices,
    $20 for gas , not going too far with that
    $6.55 for lunch, but $20 for haircut? )

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    Thank You Reiny i see what you did there :) i was confused on some of the things but i understand how to do that stuff now!
    Thanks Again!,

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    You could do this by working backwards if you don't know algebra:

    before lunch he must have had 13.45 + 6.55 or $20
    this was half of what he had before the haircut, so he must have had $40 before the haircut
    the $40 must be 2/3 of what he had before getting gas, since he spent 1/3 on gas
    so 3/3 must have been $60

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