posted by Hannah

do this using the appropriate number of sig figs

320.44 − (3104.1/2.6)

i got -880 as my answer and it said to check my sig figs. I thought it was all the numbers up to the ones place

  1. DrBob222

    3104.1/2.6 gives 1193.88 but that answer may have only two sig figs (because of the 2.6) so that rounds to -1.2E3.

  2. Hannah


  3. DrBob222

    I would do it this way.
    3104.1/2.6 = -1193.88
    -1193.88 = -1.19388E3 (2 s.f.)
    + 320.44 = 0.32044E3
    = 0.87344E3 which rounds to 0.9. You are allowed the tenths in the 1.2E3 answer so you are allowed tenths in the answer.

  4. Hannah

    I am confused so the answer would be .87?

  5. Hannah

    oh oops i didn't see the e3

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