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a number of teachers were to receive 6 pens each ,but needed 4 more pens for them to be equally divided.if each teacher received 9 pens, 25 more pens would be many pens are there

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    The number of pens is (6T - 4), where T is the number of teachers. But the number of pens is also (9T - 25), so (6T - 4) = (9T - 25). So 3T = 21, which means T = 7, i.e. there are 7 teachers. That means there are 38 pens. Check it: If 7 teachers received 6 pens each then you'd need 42 pens, which means you're four short: correct. Also if each of 7 teachers were to receive 9 pens, you'd need 63 pens - but you've only got 38, which means you need another 25: again, correct. So I reckon there are indeed 38 pens.

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