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the first of two films lasted 9 minutes less than twice as long as the second. the combined length of the two films plus a 5-minute break between them was 260 minutes. how long was the first film?

  • algebra -

    length of second film --- x minutes
    length of first film ---- 2x-9 minutes

    x + 5 + 2x-9 = 260
    3x = 264

    first film was 2(88)-9 or 167 minutes

    88 + 5 + 167 = 260

  • algebra -

    If you wanted to find the second one what would you do???

  • pre algebra -

    take the total minutes of the first and second movies plus the five minute break, and subtract the time of the first movie added to the five minute break. the answer is the time of the second movie.

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