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Can Someone Check My Anwsers?
1. -17=10x+3
= x=2

= x= 7/1= 7

#I Do Have My Work Shown, On a Separate Sheet Of Paper .
But I Want to Know If I Got My Answers Right.

  • Algebra2 -

    In solving equations, we do not put an = sign in front of a new line.

    -17 = 10x + 3
    -20 = 20x
    -2 = x
    x = -2

    9x + 5 = 7x + 3x - 2
    9x + 5 = 10x - 2
    9x - 10x = -2 - 5
    -x = -7
    x = 7

    I would deduct marks for "bad form" in your solution.

  • Algebra2 -

    I Seen My Mistakes and Fix Them.
    Thank You .

  • Algebra2 -

    Now, on to English class for work on capitalization and verb tenses


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