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Find the volume and surface area of a right cylinder with radius 7.5 cm and height 16 in. Make sure your final answer is in inches. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

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    v = pi r^2 h
    = 3.1416 * 7.5^2 * 16
    = 1827.44 in^3

    a = 2pi*r(r+h)
    = 2*3.1416*7.5(7.5+16)
    = 1107.41 in^2

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    Thanks, Steve. I believe we were supposed to convert the 16 inches into centimeters first (which is 40.64 cm, right?) to solve for both V and A and then take our final, not-rounded answer, convert it back into inches, and then round.

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    oops - you are correct. I didn't watch the units!

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    6cm and height h=16cm round it off yor answer to the nearest =3.14

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