To Lashan and Anonymous

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Arrghh! Not only are you trying to mooch answers, you're also trying to fool us into thinking you are different people.

If you post another question without explaining what you know and what you don't understand, it will be deleted and you'll be banned from posting on Jiskha.

  • To Lashan and Anonymous -

    I don't understand why I what did I do wrong

  • To Lashan and Anonymous -

    That is not true before I didn't put my name and I was trying to get help with my homework somebody told me to try this site. But if there is problem I won't use this site. I thought you people were here to help people but you calling people mooch

  • To Lashan and Anonymous -

    There is a problem with students who post their entire assignment or problem or whatever without letting tutors in on what YOU THINK about it all or what YOUR QUESTION about your assignment is. Ms. Sue is very clear: "If you post another question without explaining what you know and what you don't understand, it will be deleted and you'll be banned from posting on Jiskha."

    If all you want is someone to do your work for you, then go to or somewhere like that. If you want TRUE HELP with your assignments, then follow the directions and post here.

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