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a popular tourist attraction in ottawa is the Peace tower, which rises from the Center Block of the Parliment buildings. Describe at least one method that you could use to estimate the height of the tower, including the measurments you would need to make. Include labelled diagram, explination of similar triangles, and the proportion you would use

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    Measure the length of the shadow of the tower.
    Measure your own height

    set up the ratio:
    height of peace tower/lenght of its shadow = your height/length of your shadow,
    You have 3 out of the 4 numbers, cross-multiply and solve for the height of the peace tower.

    BTW, having been on Parliament Hill many times, I know for a fact that this will not work, since the grounds of the "hill" are not level, so your angles of the two triangles will not be the same, thus you have no similar triangles.
    The above method assumes that the ground would have a uniform slope throughout.

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