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I have to write an essay with the prompt "Discuss the changing lifestyles, expectations, and ideals of American women during the 19th century."
I'm not entirely sure what they mean by "ideals". I was thinking it meant what they thought a woman should act like and how they thought a woman should be. But, wouldn't that be the same as the "expectations" they had for women?
If someone could maybe specify what
the difference is between the two, it would be really helpful!

THANK YOU!!!! (:

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    As I understand your prompt, ideals means the qualities the women wanted for themselves. Expectations are those qualities that men wanted for women.

    Remember Abigail Adams wrote to her husband to "Remember the ladies" as he was helping write the Constitution. She wanted women to be included in the governing of the new country, but men didn't think ladies should get involve. The 19th century saw some movement toward women's rights -- but they didn't get to vote until 1920.'s_suffrage_in_the_United_States

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    Thank you very much! That helped a lot!

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    You're very welcome! :-)

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