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The student council of Sta. Lucia High School needed Php. 2,250 for an annual trip. If 5 more members joined the group, each member would then save Php 5. How many students planned to make the trip?


    x = number of students
    p = price of ticket

    x p = 2250
    (x+5)(p-5) = 2250

    p = 2250/x

    xp + 5 p - 5 x - 25 = 2250

    xp + 5 p - 5 x - 2275 = 0

    2250 + 11250/x - 5 x - 2275 = 0

    11250 - 5 x^2 - 25 x = 0

    x^2 + 5 x - 2250 = 0

    (x+50) (x-45) = 0

    x = 45

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