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Hello there! (: If someone could proofread this summary for me that would so great!

In Bob Herbert’s column, “Tweet Less, Kiss More” he addresses the negative impact technology’s left on society today. He states how it affects focus, safety, and authenticity. He refers to technology encouraging distraction from the important parts of life along with everyday tasks, such as driving. In this statement, he discusses an engagement party his friend attends, “She said it was lovely…But all the guests had their cellphones…and had text-messaged their way through the entire event”. On the subject of safety, he mentions a friend “who commutes…between New York and New Jersey. He props up his laptop on the front seat so he can watch DVDs while he’s driving”. Herbert remarks that he’s not against the advancements of technology but indicates that society should “…control it, bending it to our human purposes” so that they don’t “lose sight of what is truly human in ourselves, and that includes…those very special, mostly nonmaterial tings that would fulfill us, give meaning to our lives, enlarge us, and enable us to more easily embrace those around us.”

Are there too many quotes from the article in this paragraph?

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    This is good, but I do think there are too many quotes. Please paraphrase about half of them.

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    Okay! Thanks so much!

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    You're very welcome.

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