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For Ms. Sue!

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Literature- cont. from last night. Here are the paragraphs surrounding and containing the hyperbole (which is "In a year or two when the war's over they'll be traveling to mars and back."):

He proceeded to explain.
"If you get a pain in your stomach, whether it's a little one or a big one-"
"Yours is a big one."
"When you odne laughing perhaps we can get on with the meeting. And if them littluns climb back on the twiaster again they'll only fall off in a sec. So they might as well sit on the ground and listen. No. You have doctors for everything, even the inside of your mind. You don't really mean that we got to be frightened all the time of nothing? Life," said Piggy expansively, "is scientific, that's what it is. In a year or two when the war's over they'll be traveling to Mars and back. I know there isn't no beast-not with claws and all that, I mean-but I know there isn't no fear, either."

IBStudent: Is this enough? Do I have to give you acouple more sentences?

  • For Ms. Sue! -

    That's enough. Thanks.

    Piggy stated that life is scientific. To "prove" his point, he speculated that within a couple of years, we'd go to Mars. That's a huge exaggeration and therefore is hyperbole. Man still hasn't been to Mars (although we've sent a robot).

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    Thank you very much!

  • For Ms. Sue! -

    You're very welcome.

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