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i really your need help,i don't understand the problem. The velocity of a blood corpuscle in a vessel depends on how far the corpuscle is from the center of the vessel. Let R be the constant radius of the vessel; Vm, the constant maximum velocity of the corpuscle; r, the distance from the center to a particular blood corpuscle (variable); and Vr, the velocity of that corpuscle. The velocity Vr is related to the distance r by the equation Vr=Vm (1-r^2 /R^2). Find r when Vr=1/4Vm.

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    just plug it in:

    1/4 Vm = Vm(1-r^2/R^2)
    1 = 4 - 4r^2/R^2
    4r^2/R^2 = 3
    r^2 = 3/4R^2
    r = √3/2 R

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