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Can anyone help me find a hyperbole in the book the lord of the flies, please?
I've been trying to find one for the past two months! And now, school is about to start. The quotation, page number and a brief summary would be appreciated!!

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    Check page 84 for a reference to Mars.

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    "When the wars over the'll be traveling to mars and back."

    Thanks Ms. Sue.. but I have no idea what it means?.. Maybe it means that they'll grow up soon and will be experiencing the strange feeling of not being scared abotu the beast anymore..
    If anyone has read the book Lord of the Flies please comment!!

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    I read this book many years ago and don't have a copy of it now.

    Read the paragraphs that come before this quote. What is the context?

    Hyperbole is an exaggeration. Is the speaker exaggerating the knowledge and technology that he believes is coming soon?

    Perhaps this site will help you.

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    I've been to the site and it doesn't have any examples or comments about hyperbole. Would you like me to type the paragraph before and after the quotation for you?

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    Yes, please type the paragraphs surrounding this quote.

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    I've typed them in a new question

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