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physics 102

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three lamps connected to a 120-V AC (rms) household supply voltage. Lamps 1 and 2 have 75.0-W bulbs; lamp 3 has a 40.0-W bulb.

(a) For each bulb, find the rms current.
Irms, lamp 1 = A
Irms, lamp 2 = A
Irms, lamp 3 = A

(b) For each bulb, find the resistance.
Rlamp 1 = Ω
Rlamp 2 = Ω
Rlamp 3 = Ω

  • physics 102 -

    The lamps are in parallel and all have an applied voltage of 120 V (rms)

    (a) Irms = P/V
    where P is the lamp power rating in Watts.

    (b) V^2/R = P for each lamp
    R = V^2/P = 1.44*10^4/P ohms

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