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Describe three social or economic reforms between 1917 and the 1930s that were a result of the mexican revolution?
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Obregón, Álvaro, 1880-1928, president of MEXICO (1920-24). A successful general in the Mexican revolution (1910-17), he rose (1920) against Pres. CARRANZA and became president. His administration enacted agrarian, labor, and educational reforms.

Cárdenas, Lázaro, 1895-1970, president of MEXICO (1934-40). He fought (1913-17) as a general in the Mexican revolution and was elected president. He expropriated foreign-held properties, distributed land to peasants, and instituted reforms to benefit Indians and Mexican workers. His influence in advancing constitutional processes was great.

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    You wrote about two people. The question asks you to describe three social or economic reforms.

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    Women played important and diverse roles in the Mexican Revolution,Intellectuals,the Zapatista movement ,which have been largely overlooked by historians. In addition, these roles, in many cases, gave rise to post-Revolutionary feminist organizing. "The long-lasting negative effects of the Revolution on women were devastating: rape, pillage, death of loved ones, and break-up of the family had taken a severe toll. As a consequence, women were forced to organize even further in their efforts to combat sexist injustices and to secure equal rights" (Soto, 65). In the years following the Revolution, significant gains were made for women in the areas of education, leadership, labor, family relations and basic human rights.Intellectuals,the Zapatista movement

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    OK. More rights for women was one social reform. Now, put this in your own words.

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