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what amout of zinc will be required to generate sufficient hydrogen to completely combined with oxygen obtained by complete decomposition of 30 g of potassium clorate?

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    2KClO3 ==> 2KCl + 3O2
    Convert 30g KClO3 to mols. mols = grams/molar mass.

    Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert mols KClO3 to mols O2.

    2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O
    Using the coefficients in the H2O equation, convert mols O2 from KClO3 reaction to mols H2.

    Zn + 2HCl ==> ZnCl2 + H2
    Using the coefficient in the Zn equation, convert mols H2 from the H2O equation to mols Zn.
    You want to know grams Zn; therefore mols Zn x atomic mass Zn = grams Zn.

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