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6th grade math

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Cameron is making bead necklaces. Hehas 90 green beads Nd 108 blue beads. what is the greatest number of identical necklace es he can make if he wants to use all the beads

  • 6th grade math -

    90,108 divide by 2
    45,54 divide by 9

    so: 2*9=18 necklaces.

  • 6th grade math -

    Jo made 7 pounds of cookies.She gave 3.25 pounds to her friends and 0.7 pounds to each of her three brothers.How many pounds did she have left?

  • 7th grade pre algerbra -

    18 necklaces

  • 6th grade math -

    108-90=18 its kinda simple

  • 6th grade math -


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