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need to make a venn diagram using 3 circles. A survey on subject being taken by 250 students at a certain college revealed the following info:

1. 90 were taking math
2. 145 were taking history
3. 88 were taking english
4. 25 were taking math and history
5. 38 were taking history and english
6. 59 were taking math and english
7. 15 were taking all three subjects

please help getting me started.

  • math -

    Each of your overlapping circles should be labeled

    Put the numbers in each circle to represent those students taking just one subject.

    You'll have 25 in the overlapping sections of math and English.

  • math -

    Ms Sue when you said 25 in the overlapping section of math and english did mean math and history/

  • math -

    Yes, I'm sorry. 25 students are taking math and history.

    Thanks for catching my mistake.

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