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Answer the following questions:
1. Think of the value exchanged between Coca-Cola consumers and the company. What values are exchanged?
2. Visit Coca-Cola’s corporate website. Select 3 different Coca-Cola brands. For each of these 3 SBUs, who is the target market? What differences and similarities are there between each SBU’s target markets?
3. How does Coca-Cola build customer relationships and manage them?
4. Critically analyze (don’t copy/paste) Coca-Cola’s mission statement according to the criteria for a good mission statement in the text.
5. Describe and analyze the SBU’s marketing strategy and marketing mix (4 P’s) that you selected from question 2. Compare at least 2 SBU’s.
6. Perform a SWOT analysis for Coca-Cola.
7. Based on the information and the SWOT analysis, where should Coca-Cola concentrate its efforts on these SBUs? What recommendations would you give Coca-Cola if you were a consultant for the SBUs?

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