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Which of the following pairs of vectors are orthogonal?
(i) v = 18i − 3j and w = −i − 6j
(ii) v = 15i − 2j and w = −4i + 30j
(iii) v = 3i − j and w = i + 3j
A. (i) and (ii)
B. (i) and (iii)
C. (ii) only
D. (i) only

  • Trigonometry -

    Calculate the dot product of the three pairs of vectors. If the dot product is zero, the vectors are orthogonal.
    For example,
    So pair (i) is orthogonal.

    Post your answer for checking if you wish.

  • Trigonometry -

    v•w = 0 if v┴w

    18i−3j • −i−6j = 0
    15i−2j • −4i+30j = -120
    3i−j • i+3j = 0

    Can you take it from here?

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