theory of machine

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1. the contact ratio is.......
(b)more than one
(c)less than one
(d)none of these
2. the ratio of maximum displacement of the forced vibration to the deflection due to the static force is known as................
(a)damping factor
(b)magnification factor
(c)damping coefficient
(d)logarithmic coefficient
4. when the sleeve of a porter governor moves upwards, the governor height.....
(c)remains unaffected
(d)none of the above
5. the coriolis component of acceleration is taken into account for ...........
(a)slider crank mechanism
(b)four bar chain mechanism
(c)quick return motion mechanism
(d)none of the above

  • theory of machine -

    all answer required

  • theory of machine -

    contact ratio of gear is

  • theory of machine -


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