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A snake is sunning itself on a rock.
(a) If the snake is 0.5 m long, what is the approximate amount of radiation it absorbs from the Sun in 11 min? (Assume the snake has a cylindrical shape and ignore both ends, a radius of 0.03 m, and a mass of 2.1 kg. Assume also that the emissivity is 0.5.) Estimate the temperature in the Sun on the rock.

Calculate the amount of radiation the snake absorbs from the Sun in 11 min. (Use your estimates. Note that only half of the snake will face the Sun.)

(b) If no heat flows out of the snake via conduction or by evaporative cooling, how much does its temperature increase during 11 min? Assume all the Sun's energy goes into heating the snake and the specific heat of the snake is equal to the specific heat of water. (Use the exact values you enter in previous answer(s) to make later calculation(s).)

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