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An ice cube of volume 17.7 cm3 is initially at a temperature of -19.3°C. How much heat is required to convert this ice cube into steam?

  • Physics -

    Follow the following steps:
    1. Calculate the ice block's mass from its volume and density.
    2. Compute heat required to raise its temp. from -19.3 degC to 0 deg - Q1
    3. Consider latent heat required to change the state from ice at 0 deg. to water at 0 deg. - Q2
    3. Compute heat reqd. to raise water's temp. from 0 to 100 deg -Q3
    4. Compute heat reqd. to change water at 100 deg to steam at 100 deg C. - Q4

    Total heat required = Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4

  • Physics -

    Q=12,914.805 cal

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