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2.Which of the following is NOT a technique for emphasizing material in a résumé?
A. Presenting it in vertical lists
B. Including it as part of a lengthy paragraph
C. Offsetting it with white space
D. Positioning it at the top of a page
1.) I think it's "B"

2. A chronological résumé is more appropriate than a skills résumé when:
A. you have significant periods of unemployment throughout your career.
B. you want to combine experience from paid jobs, activities or volunteer work, and courses to show the extent of your experience in a particular field.
C. you are changing fields.
D. your education and experience are a logical preparation for the position for which you are applying.

2. Answer: "D"

3. Which of following communication behaviors of interviewees is MOST likely to be successful in an interview?
A. Using technical jargon appropriate to the position
B. Making it clear that they are using the interview to learn about the company and what it offered
C. Giving short answers of ten words or less
D. Responding neutrally to the interviewer's statements

3. Answer is "D"

4. After the interview but before the job offer, it is NOT appropriate to:
A. phone the company you interviewed with.
B. send a follow-up letter.
C. inquire about the salary and benefits.
D. respond to an e-mail query from the employer.

4. obviously C

5. Which is recommended when negotiating for salary and benefits?
A. Counter a low offer from the company by stating that you would find it difficult to accept the job under the terms offered.
B. Ask for what you need to make a comfortable living, regardless of what others in similar positions are earning.
C. Focus exclusively on the initial salary rather than on benefits or future opportunities.
D. Name a specific salary and be firm in the fact that you could accept no less.

5. I think it's "A"

6. Which of the following is NOT recommended when considering or accepting a job offer?
A. Make your acceptance contingent on a written offer.
B. Accept the position immediately if you are offered the job at the end of the job interview.
C. Notify other companies where you have applied that you have accepted another position.
D. Carefully evaluate the companies you have interviewed with to determine the best match for you.

6. answer: C

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    Number 6. should be "A" make your acceptance contingent on a written offer.

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