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How much concentrated hydrochloric acid solution 36% HCL by mass d=1.18g/ml in milliliters is required to produce 11.0L of 0.296 M HCL?
My calculation
1.18 x 1000ml x 0.36/36.5 = 11.6M
11.6M = 11000ml x 0.296
11.6m = 3256ml
x= 3256ml/11.6
x= 280ml. I am not sure the right answer

How much ethanol, C2H50H, in liters d = 0.789g/ml must be dissolved in water to produce 190.05 of 1.65M C2H50H? I cannot do for your help.

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    1. I obtained 280.7 which I would round to 281 mL.

    2. 190.05 WHAT?

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