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First, you must determine how many tickets are possible. In your state, the lottery balls have the numbers
1-46 on them and you must pick 6 numbers.

a. Determine how many possible tickets exist for your state lottery.

b. Now, you need to come up with a plan to buy all those tickets. With your group, develop a scheme to do
this. Be sure to include all costs, number of people involved, and any other information crucial to the plan.
You will be asked to explain and justify the method to the rest of the class. You may assume that the entire
jackpot is yours if you win in immediate cash. (Even though this is not true!)

A research company out hears about your operation and wants to know what the lowest jackpot would have
to be to guarantee at least $1 dollars for each person involved in the plan.

c. Determine the lowest jackpot for your plan. Would you revise your plan given this idea?

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