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Find the volume, in L, of 100g gas mixture containing 10.0 mol% hydrogen in nitrogen at 30.0C and 5.00 atm. Use the avg molecular wt.

what is the molar concentration of hydrogen, in mol/L, in the gas mixture?

what is the average mass denisity in g/L

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    Avg molar mass H2+N2 where
    H2 = 0.1 x 2g/mol = 0.2
    N2 = 0.9 x 28g/mol = 25.2
    Total = 25.4 g/mol.
    Convert 100 g to mols using 25.4 as the molar mass of the mixture and solve for volume in PV = nRT.

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    part 2.
    total mols x 0.1 = mols H2.
    molsH2/total volume = M

    part 3.
    density = g/L
    22.4L for a mol of the gas has a mass of 25.4 g so 25.4/22.4 = density.

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