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A regression equation was calculated and is given below. The values for Miss America are values such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

Regression Analysis: GPA versus Miss America

The regression equation is
GPA = 3.32 - 0.0890 Miss America

b. What is the response variable?
The values of miss america and gpa

c. What is the explanatory variable?
Miss America

d. Does the y-intercept have any logical interpretation?

e. Interpret the slope in terms of how GPA changes as Miss America increases.

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    Regression equation is predicted y = a + bx
    ...where a represents the y-intercept and b the slope.


    Explanatory or Predictor Variable = x (Miss America)

    Response or Outcome Variable = y


    Y-Intercept = 3.32

    Y-Intercept Interpretation: If x = 0, we would expect GPA to equal 3.32.


    Slope Interpretation: For every increase in value by 1, you can expect an additional decrease of 0.0890 in the GPA.


    Hope this helps.

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