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How does 3 and5/8 minus1 and3/4 equal1 and3/4

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    3 5/8 - 1 3/4
    To do this, first we convert the mixed numbers to improper fractions. To convert we multiply the denominator (the number under the line) by the constant then add this answer to the numerator (number above the line), while retaining the denominator. Doing this,
    3 5/8 = ((8 x 3) + 5) / 8 = (24 + 5)/8 = 29/8
    1 3/4 = ((4 x 1) + 3) / 4 = (4 + 3)/4 = 7/4
    Rewriting the expression,
    29/8 - 7/4
    Note that we cannot perform addition or subtraction operation when the denominators are not equal. Thus we find the LCD (least common denominator). The LCD is 8. We convert the fractions into fractions with 8 as the denominator. For the first term, the denominator is already 8, while for the second term, we divide 8 by 4 and multiply this by the numerator:
    29/8 - 14/8
    15/8 or 1 7/8

    hope this helps~ :)

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