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1. In his comedies, Shakespeare is well known for
A.the device of mistaken identity
B.fatally flawed characters
C.revealing great heroes as common fools
D.an unusual use of Middle English

2.Prior to the Renaissance, the human bosy was seen as
A.proof that humans are the paragon of animals
B.beautiful thing
C.prison for the soul
D.sacred dust

3.Regarding the nature of drama which statement is false

A.drama is meant to present a story through aaction and dialog
B.in reading drama some elements have to be imagined by the reader
C.modern dramas such as films are not structured in the manner of stage plays
D.drama is like poetry in that is meant to been seen and heard

4.before the Renaissance virtually all dramas focused on
A.reigious themes
B.family relationships
C.life and death plots
D.human conditions

5.By the Renaissance theory of correspondences the heart of the faimly is the

  • drama(lit) -

    #2 is C

  • drama(lit) -

    #5 is D

  • drama(lit) -

    Yes. 2 is C.

  • drama(lit) -

    #1 is B

  • drama(lit) -

    Yes, 5 is probably D.

  • drama(lit) -

    need help with 3 and 4 please

  • drama(lit) -

    3. C is false

    4. What does your text say?

  • drama(lit) -

    #4 is A

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    Thanks MS.Sue I passed my test and the answers on here are right Thanks again

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    You're welcome. :-)

  • drama(lit) -

    Before the renaissance virtually all drama focused on what

  • drama(lit) -

    1.B is wrong

  • drama(lit) -

    1 is A

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