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Question 1
Marks: 1 Davey has decided to research the history of fire engines in America. To get started he's written a list of research questions. Which of the following questions is the best research question for him to ask?

a. Who holds the patent for the fire engine?
b. Who first had the idea for a fire engine?
c. What year was the first fire engine built in America?
d. How do people put out fires?
Question 2
Marks: 1 In preparing a report on the ideas in this passage, what would be the MOST relevant question to ask about the museum exhibit?
Choose one answer. a. Where can one learn more about the technology used to create this exhibit?
b. Why were there not more animated figures?
c. Why wasn't technology used to forecast the eruption of Mount Vesuvius?
d. Where does the museum buy the large quantities of 3-D glasses used by visitors?
Question 3
Marks: 1 What do the W's stand for in the 5W-How? strategy?
Choose one answer. a. which, who, where, when, why
b. who, what, where, when, why
c. who, whether, when, why, how
d. who, where, when, why, how
Question 4
Marks: 1 What are the three characteristics of a good research question?
Choose one answer. a. relevant, short, focused
b. focused, answerable, entertaining
c. relevant, focused, answerable
d. clear, answerable, askable
Question 5
Marks: 1 If you were writing an essay about the environmental impact of using plastic grocery bags, which of the following research questions would be most relevant?
Choose one answer. a. Why do people like plastic bags?
b. Who uses more bags: urban or rural shoppers?
c. How much pollution do plastic bags cause?
Question 6
Marks: 1 Read the passage below:

Between 400 B.C. and A.D. 1100, it was common for certain peoples of the American Southwest to be buried with dogs. Archaeologists have found nearly 700 buired dogs, some with people and some in large groups. These burials are mainly in New Mexico and along the Arizona-New Mexico border. The burials indicate that dogs, aside from being an important part of hunting, had a spiritual role to play in the ancient societies of the area.

Which of the following questions would be the most logical research question to ask after reading that excerpt?

Choose one answer. a. How did people dig such deep holes?
b. Why did ancient Egyptians bury cats?
c. What kinds of dogs are popular now?
d. What role did dogs play in those societies?

Question 21
Marks: 1 What summary might BEST replace the long quotation in the fourth paragraph?
Choose one answer. a. The men were proud to be working on the dam, even during the summer of 1931.
b. The men wanted hats and ice water to help them endure the heat.
c. It was extremely hot.
d. Temperatures soared in the summer of 1931, and many men became severely ill.
Question 22
Marks: 1 What is the BEST way to summarize the main points of the paper for the conclusion?
Choose one answer. a. Hoover Dam was the most amazing engineering accomplishment of its time.
b. Anyone who sees Hoover Dam in person can't help but be awed by its size and its strength.
c. President Hoover would be so proud to see the dam today, still holding back the mighty Colorado and providing power to the desert.
d. Hoover Dam was an amazing accomplishment because of its size, the speed of its construction, and the impact it had on life in the Southwest.
Question 23
Marks: 1 Where does Sean MOST need to insert a parenthetical citation?
Choose one answer. a. at the end of the fourth paragraph
b. after sentence 24
c. after sentence 26
d. after the long quotation in the last paragraph
Question 24
Marks: 1 Which sentence, if added after sentence 2, would give readers the BEST overview of the research and main ideas?
Choose one answer. a. It was constructed in a surprisingly short period of time under harsh conditions; and it tamed the mighty Colorado.
b. It was the biggest thing anyone had ever seen, and Americans were thrilled to have built it.
c. Many new devices had to be invented to achieve its construction, such as the drilling jumbo and a cooling system to harden the concrete.3
d. It was more expensive than any other public project that had ever been built before in the United States, but cost was beside the point where Hoover Dam was concerned.
Question 25
Marks: 1 Which of the following would be the BEST elaboration to insert after sentence 25?
Choose one answer. a. Moreover, the residents and farmers of the valleys would no longer have to fear river floods.
b. Lake Mead became a popular fishing spot for local sports enthusiasts.
c. Energy from the Hoover Dam supplied weapons factories during World War II.
d. Many people missed the uncontrolled and unpredictable nature of the

  1. Jordan



  2. Ms. Sue

    1. No.
    2. Which exhibit?
    3. Correct
    4. I disagree.
    5. Correct
    6. Correct.

    I can't help you with the last questions because I don't know to which passage you're referring.

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