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1. Because they’re closer to the body than nightgowns, pajamas for children are considered to be

A. less of a fire hazard than nightgowns.
B. safer when stitched with cotton thread.
C. very dangerous in brushed nylon fabric.
D. extremely flammable in any fabric.(YES)

2. The most appropriate fabric for a pregnant woman’s only coat would be

A. black and white plaid.(yes)
B. solid navy blue.(mabe)
C. red and gray stripes.
D. multicolored floral.

3. According to this study unit, clothes made from soft, pale-colored fabrics that launder well, with no
bulky seams, are particularly recommended for children in which one of the following age groups?

A. Toddlers
B. Infants.(yes)
C. Juniors
D. Children

4. This study unit recommends that a shoulder strap less than ½-inch wide should be
A. tacked with the right sides together.
B. machine stitched inside out.
C. slipped over a pencil to turn it.
D. slipstitched along turned-in edges.(Yes)

5. When a dainty slip has lace along the top edge, the shoulder straps should be attached by

A. machine stitching along the top edge of the lace on the right side.
B. machine stitching along the top edge of the lace on the wrong side.
C. hemming and backstitching to the slip fabric on the wrong side.(yes)
D. hemming even with the top edge of the binding on the right side.

6. A suitable outfit for an expectant mother who is working in a business office is a

A. sweater with light-color pants.(yes)
B. short red smock with bright green shorts.
C. one-piece dress with a white belt.
D. loose gray suit with white blouse

7. The process of overlapping lace pieces, matching the motifs, and then whipping the layers together
along the outline of the pattern describes the procedure for which one of the following?

A. Attaching lace with a straight edge
B. Attaching irregular-edged lace
C. Inserting lace with a raw edge
D. Joining lace pieces together.(yes)

8. What type of thread should be used in children’s clothes?

A. Cotton
B. Silk
C. Embroidery
D. Dacron(yes)

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    I agree with your answers for 3, 4, 5, and 7.

    Double check your book for the others.

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    1)safer when stitched with cotton thread

    2)multicolored floral

    6)loose gray suit with white blouse.


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    1) I still disagree. Reread your question -- "Because they’re closer to the body than nightgowns, . . . "

    2) Yuck!

    6) I agree.

    8) No.

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    In the books said.

    1) brushed nylon is good for the fabric.
    A(mabe),not c.

    2) avoid bright color.
    I think red is bright color

    8) cotton thread for children's clothes
    silk is for adult.

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    Your answers are correct now.

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    Have I the write answer so far?

    1a 2b 3b 4b 5c 6d 7D 8d

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